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A Word on “Recommended Maintenance”

Dec 11, 09

I’ve noticed that some people think that you HAVE to do the service intervals listed in the manual on your new car to keep the warranty intact.  Maybe dealers let you think this, and maybe even imply that you have to take it to them, but lets just set the record straight.   You don’t need to do ANYTHING to your car to keep the warranty intact.  This is NOT to say that i’m recommending that.  These items are RECOMMENDED by the manufacturers to keep your vehicle running in good shape and cause you minimal problems down the road.  Not changing your oil, filters, rotating your tires, etc etc is a good way to mess up your vehicle really bad.  But its not REQUIRED.  The only exception i can think of is if you’re leasing the vehicle (sometimes the lease may require you to keep up with scheduled maintenance).

And its certainly not necessary to take the car to the dealer. If you’re a good enough mechanic, you could do it youself.   But in the end, you could take it to your trustworthy indepedent auto repair facility (like us) and spend alot less than you’d do at your dealer.  Its not rocket science and its all just very basic stuff.

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