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The best used cars??

We often have customers ask us about what we recommend for buying a used vehicle.  Without getting into specific models – but just talking about which manufacturers have cars that seem to hold up better over the long term, our answer is easy.

Toyota, with Honda in a close second  Despite the brake related “problems” in Toyotas that have made the news headlines over the past year, we still find that Toyotas are just the best made cars in the world.  They typically don’t fall apart once they get to a certain age or mileage point, their engineering is sound (cars are well designed), and there are plenty of good aftermarket parts for them (which in the end costs you alot less money). Frankly, we haven’t seen any of the purported brake problems.

If you have to drive something a nicer, Lexus (made by Toyota) is by far away the most reliable luxury brand we’ve seen.

Regardless of the used car you’re looking at, make sure you have a pre-buy inspection done on the vehicle by a reputable repair facility (like Lawson Automotive) BEFORE you buy it to ensure that you’re not buying a money pit!

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