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A Note About Brake Repairs…

We all know about “bait and switch” tactics done by retailers…. so let me tell you about “bait and switch” done by auto repair facilities, mainly the brake repair shops that advertise the $99 brake jobs.

Ask any reputable repair shop what a typical brake job costs (for normal cars i.e.  not BMW/Mercedes, heavy trucks etc etc ), and its about $200- $250 per axle (a little more than half of it labor at around $90 an hour, and the balance being the cost of pads).  This assumes that the rotors (what the brake pad presses against) can be machined (re-surfaced to ensure a flat braking surface) and therefore re-used.  If the rotors cannot be re-used (and some higher end vehicles have one-time use rotors), then rotors must be added to the bill (wide variance but typically an extra $100 – $150).

So you can quickly do the math and realize that a $99 complete pads and rotors brake jobs just doesn’t make sense.  Maybe you can get some extremely inexperienced guys to do the labor and put on some ridiculously inexpensive pads and rotors, but at what cost, your life when they fail??  The reality is that most of these shops get you in there, and then end up selling you a $300 – $400 brake job.  At least that’s what the industry says their average ticket is.

Anyway – don’t take my word for it. Do a little research on the internet.  You will find plenty of unhappy customers complaining about how they got “bait and switched”

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