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Hi – I’m Steve, the owner of Lawson Automotive Group. The “Group” (at least for now) is comprised of Lawson Tire & Automotive, which is a traditional auto repair facility in Southwest Austin, and Fastbrake, which is a mobile brake repair company that i acquired about 2 years ago. I do have plans to expand in the future, although nothing is in the works for now. I’ve owned Lawson Tire & Automotive since 2005, when i purchased the business from the original owner, Bobby Lawson. This business has been providing honest, quality auto and truck repair services to Dripping Springs, Oak Hill, and Southwest Austin since 1991. Their community reputation was the most important reason for me buying the business, and i intend to keep things that way. ANYWAY – i’ll be periodically making blog entries for a variety of reasons – to answer questions that customers ask, to feature specials, give automotive advice and recommendations, and maybe even clarify some misconceptions and myths that people have been led to believe about their cars. Until then, happy motoring!


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